Meditation, Mindfulness and Meditation Training

Through my practice and teaching of Insight Meditation, I have developed skills to train and assist people interested in learning and understanding how meditation can transform their lives.

At the heart of training is the development of mindfulness through a set of simple and powerful practices.

Whether working with individual clients in my work as a clinical psychologist (click HERE for details), or directly teaching Group Insight meditation classes (click HERE for a link to Sydney meditation classes) or retreats (click HERE for Bali retreat) training will:

meditation mindfulness & meditation training

  • Bring more meaning to life
  • Assist with mental health issues
  • Introduce more understanding into relationship difficulties
  • Lead to clarity over confusion and a way out of our suffering

Meditation:  means development of the mind through practice – different meditation practices develop different mental qualities or skills – meditation is not what you think – it is not a cognitive (thinking) activity

Mindfulness:  meditation techniques that develop mindfulness train the practitioner in the skill of mindfulness – to listen, to see, to understand with clarity

Skill:  The skill of mindfulness in turn develops the empathy and compassion essential to transforming our conditioning and embracing things foreign to us, including our difficulty and distress

Living:  With mindfulness means understanding our experiences rather than rejecting them and develops our intuitive intelligence- an experiential intelligence not an intellectual one, drives our capacity to respond to life with composure instead of stress, with reliance and integrity, instead of being repeatedly caught in our old patterns of reactivity and confusion – through insight we can learn to live in the present, beyond discontent.

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