Mindfulness and Insight Meditation Retreats

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual retreats have been conducted online. Much of the information that pertained to face-to-face retreats is also relevant to an online retreat and has been retained below… however, we meet as a group online. Hopefully we shall be able to resume face-to-face retreats in future.

Non-Residential Retreats

Non-residential means we meet as a group for scheduled periods of extended meditation practice from early morning into the afternoon/evening but participants stay in their own accommodation.

Included in the program are meditation practice sessions, question and answer periods, practice information periods and interviews.

A retreat of this type does not support the same intensity of practice as a secluded, in-house and completely silent retreat.  A non-residential retreat also has no set schedule outside the group practice periods.  Nevertheless, it affords an opportunity to develop extended practice in a closer to daily life situation and can help to reinforce for us an awareness of the opportunities for practice and the relevance of practice in daily life.

meditation retreats

In India and Burma many people who live typical daily lives might practice for several hours during the day, or in the evening after work and in this way, lead practice-based lives.

Eligibility:  The retreat is open to anyone who has previously attended a course or retreat I have conducted.  If you are interested in attending but you have not worked with me, please email me with your meditation history experience or reasons for your interest.

Upcoming Online Retreats

Use the form below if you wish to lodge an expression of interest for upcoming retreats.

2023: 8th-12th May